Coffee table enchanted by fire


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12 August 2008
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SingleMelting into the scenery with a delicate white feeling, Single is a coffee table based on the shape of a circle. The roundness together with the cleanness of the white lacquer accompanied by fire represent the harmony of colour, shape and the dancing flames. Integrated Glassfire® Technology allows us to experience smokeless fire within an interior creating almost effortlessly a relaxing atmosphere. Now you can enjoy a cup of coffee next to an open fire without the necessity to erect a chimney. Features:Glassfire® Technologyfull container allows 1,5 h of burningcoffee table functionresin polyester, glass fibreFinish:taffic white lacquerDimensions(mm):800 / 800 / H 230 (450 with cylinder)Dimensions(inch):31,50 / 31,50 / H 9,06 (17,72 with cylinder)

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